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00100 Nairobi

tel: +254 (0)72 8848296 (Els)
tel: +254 (0)70 2634572 (Administration)
email: info@mlango.org
Daytrips to the farm

We are sorry to inform you at the moment we don't organize daytrips. Please follow this website or our facebookpage for updates about when we start again.

Mlango Farm is a great destination for a refreshing day out of Nairobi.

We welcome groups for a tour and lunch on our farm. Costs are 2,000 Ksh per person and this includes both a guided walk on the farm (the lenght will depend on your own wishes) and a lunch on our fields.

Guests are welcomed at 11 am, after coffee we go for a tour on the farm. For ksh 500 you can harvest your own vegetables in a basket that will be provided. After the tour a lovely lunch is served consisting of a variety of dishes, all with fresh ingredients from the farm. Children can play around, feed the animals (chicken, donkey, ducks, cows, goats, horses, turkeys) and enjoy the green space!

We welcome groups starting from 8 people, on appointment only. If you have a smaller group, please just check with us - sometimes in the weekends we can combine two or three smaller groups and create a nice day for all. Please get in touch if you like to make a booking, we look forward to welcoming you!

For schoolvisits, please look at the website of the Mlango Farm Foundation.

Cancellation policy:
When you make a reservation, we hire extra staff, harvest and cook for you. A cancellation usually means for us that we will have no income, while we could have welcomed another group. Therefor we have the following cancellation policy:
Cancelling 4 days before the planned visit or earlier: no costs
Cancelling 3 days before the planned visit: 30 % of the costs to be paid
Cancelling 2 days before the planned visit: 50 % of the costs to be paid
Cancelling 1 day before the planned visit: 75 % of the costs to be paid
Cancelling on the day itself: 90% of the costs to be paid.